The center for postgraduate and doctoral training is the subdivision of O.O. Bohomolets National medical university that reports to rector of NMU and pro-rector on scientific activity. The activity of the Center is directed to organization, planning and management for study of postgraduate, doctoral students, master, resident medical practitioners, controlling the efficiency of study, running the registration and accounting on issues of training of scientific pedagogical staff. The Center cooperates with MHC of Ukraine.
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1. Regulatory documents:
Provisions about training of scientific pedagogical and scientific staff
Provisions about clinical residency
Procedure for training of recipients of higher education – degree of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science

2. Terms for admission and study:
To doctoral courses
To postgraduate courses
To clinical residency
Application form for participation in contest to postgraduate courses

3. Approval of topic for dissertation:
The period for approval of topic for dissertation by postgraduate student is 3 months since enrollment to study.
List of documents for approval of topic for dissertation

4. Taking Candidate’s exams:
The Candidate’s exams are taken in the form of session twice a year since 1, May until 30, May and since 1, November until 30 November. The acceptance of documents to take Candidate’s exams is held since 1, April until 30, April and since 1, October until 30, October.
List of documents to take Candidate’s exams:
– application, addressed to Rector;
– personal card (with photo);
– copy of diploma (certified)
– copy of certificate (certified);
– abstract, calendar plan;
– extract from protocol of meeting of Scientific Council about approval of topic for dissertation;
– certificate about passing through previous Candidate’s exams

5.Attestation for staff of the highest qualification


– For information of heads at departments: for annual composition of plan for training of scientific pedagogical staff (postgraduate, doctoral students) it is necessary to submit the request in hard copy, agreed with the Rector of NMU, to the Department not later than 30, October current year.

– The acceptance of documents to postgraduate courses is held since 20, July until 20, August, 2016.

– The entrance exams are held – to postgraduate courses – since 05, September until 09, September, 2016 (in foreign language, specialty).

– The attestation of postgraduate, doctoral students is held every year in September current year.

01601, c. Kyiv, T. Shevchenko Boulevard, 13
Rector’s office of NMU, office 415

Head at department:
Reguretska Rayisa Anatoliyivna
Phone: +38(044)2345763

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