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Director – Doctor of Medicine, Kuchyn Yuriy Leonidovych, professor at department of surgery, anesthesiology and intensive therapy of postgraduate education.
Address: c. Kyiv, Peremogy Avenue, 34, physical chemical building, wing A, 2nd floor, room 2A.
Phone: (044) 456-54-34
Working hours: Monday-Thursday since 9:00 until 18:00, Friday since 9:00 until 16.45, dinner break since 13:00 until 14:00.

In order to be enrolled to internship during the period since 1 until 29, July, 2016, it is necessary to submit the following documents at the address: Zoologychna str., 1 (dental building of NMU, lecture hall) Monday-Friday since 9:00 until 16:45, dinner break since 13:00 until 13:30. :
• Passport of citizen of Ukraine*
• Diploma and annex to diploma about higher medical (pharmaceutical) education*
• Certificates about results from passing through Licensing integrated exams “KROK-1” and “KROK-2”*
• Certificate that certifies the acquisition of higher medical (pharmaceutical) education on contractual terms
• 4 photos of 3×4
The agreements about payment for study at internship are concluded by a doctor or pharmacist during the period since 1 until 29, July, 2016:
• With university – for passing through full-time and extramural part of internship at departments and their clinical bases.
• Separately with University – for passing through full-time part of internship and health care establishment (hospital, dispensary, pharmacy, etc.) for passing through its extramural part.

*- it is necessary to submit the original and copies of abovementioned documents.

Kuchyn Yuriy Leonidovych NMU.TV #15 (19.06.2015) – dean of internship at NMU

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