of scientific practical cooperation between NMU and KI


The cooperation between NMU and Karolinska Institutet started in 2006. The main financing source of project at the initial stage was the grant by Swedish Institute under Visby Programme.

The selective competition for participation in project on PhD training at Karolinska Institutet was held in 2007, according to which results 6 persons were chosen (Yevgeniia Burlaka – department of pediatrics No 4, Olena Gruzeva – department of social medicine, Maryana Gulchiy – department of obstetrics and gynecology No 1, Grygoriy Tur – department of surgical dentistry, Dmytro Unukovych – department of surgery No 4, Andriy Dinets – department of surgery No 1).

In the same year these 6 potential PhD students and their scientific supervisors from NMU visited Karolinska Institutet, where they met with scientific managers from KI as to further work, determination of hypotheses for dissertations, definition of material for researches.

In 2007 PhD students started the scientific work at departments of KI:

·Dept. of Molecular Medicine and Surgery:

Dmytro Unukovych (chest surgery)

Andriy Dinets ( endocrine surgery )

·Dept. о f Women’s and Children’s Health:

Yevgeniia Burlaka (pediatrics),

Maryana Gulchiy (endocrine gynecology)

·Institute of Environmental Medicine

Olena Gruzeva (epidemiology)

·Dept. of Dental Medicine:

Grygoriy Tur (regenerative medicine).

tommiIn 2008 all PhD students approved the topics of dissertations. Most dissertations are translational i.e. directed to solve the scientific problems using the fundamental methods, which results aim to improve the efficiency in treatment of patients or due to principle “from laboratory table – to patient’s bed”.

The graduates from NMU Savchuk Yuliia and Podolskyy Volodymyr also take part in the project since 2012 (under support of NAMS of Ukraine).

The first three ones defended the dissertations and acquired PhD in medical science in 2012: Dmytro Unukovych, Olena Gruzeva, Grygoriy Tur. In 2013 Andriy Dinets and in 2014 Yevgeniia Burlaka defended PhD. Maryana Gulchiy will defend in 2015.

During the project PhD students published 33 original articles in peer review journals that are indexed by scientific metric bases Web of Science or Scopus.

The average Hirsch index is 9 (O. Gruzeva – 6, D. Unukovych – 3, A. Dinets – 3, G. Tur – 2, Ye. Burlaka – 2, M. Gulchiy – 1). The co-authors of 6 articles are heads of NMU, as well as NMU is mentioned as one of establishments, where a PhD student works.

As active participants (oral or poster report) all PhD students in total attended over 50 scientific conferences in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Northern America.

The following seminars were held together with Swedish dissertation supervisors: seminars on chest surgery (2008), endocrine surgery (2009), gynecology (2010), facial surgery (2010), annual summary scientific conferences with the participation of supervisors from both institutions, which were held at Karolinska Institutet in December (2007-2014).

The joint training for scientists, first of all young scientists and their supervisors, on preparation of scientific grants, publications and bioethics were held in 2010 within the meeting of rectors from higher medical schools in Ukraine with the participation of Swedish colleagues.


Continuation of project in 2015

Two graduates from NMU submitted the documents to Visby Scholarship Program to fiancé PhD programs at KI. The candidates passed through interview with the scientific supervisors at KI at Dept. о f Women’s and Children’s Health.

Now the directions of their scientific work at KI have been agreed, the letters of recommendations and letters of support have been received from KI. The documents were submitted for consideration to the office of Visby Scholarship Program.


The permanent coordinator of cooperation program between Karolinska Institutet and O.O. Bohomolets NMU is Doctor Tommy Linne, Professor at Department of Women’s and Children’s Health at Karolinska Institutet.

In 1982 Tommy Linne defended PhD on topic “Kidneys functioning at glomerulonephritis at children and teenagers”.

Since 1987 he is Professor at Department of Women’s and Children’s Health at Karolinska Institutet, works at University clinic of Karolinska Institutet, is specialized in children’s nephrology.

Now he is also a member in European society of children’s nephrologists, Swedish national association of children’s nephrologists and Swedish society of nephrologists.

In addition to the program of occupational training for scientific staff, Professor Linne also maintains the development of cooperation between out higher schools in the form of joint conferences and symposiums. In 2010 he successfully performed the seminar “Additional skills in the field of science: grants, publications and ethics” (within the international scientific conference, devoted to World Health Day).


The leading specialists from Karolinska Institutet visited NMU for many times under support of Tommy Linne in order to read lectures and to perform master classes for professors and teachers of the establishment and young scientists of NMU in the sphere of epidemiology, public health, dentistry, surgery.




The meeting with Doctor Tommy Linne, Professor at Department of Women’s and Children’s Health at Karolinska Institutet, who is the coordinator of cooperation program between Karolinska Institutet and O.O. Bohomolets NMU on occupational training of scientific staff was held on 22, January, 2015 within international cooperation of the university with Karolinska Institutet (c. Stockholm, Sweden).

The executives of University at the head of rector, corresponding member in NAMS of Ukraine, Professor Kateryna Amosova, prorectors, deans, heads at department, teachers, postgraduate students, masters, representatives of students’ active group were present at the meeting.

After introductory speech by the rector Tommy Linne presented the report about history and achievements in cooperation of Karolinska Institutet and NMU, graduate Andriy Dinets (department of surgery No 4) reported about study at Karolinska Institutet and main results of his scientific work under international project.

The perspectives for development of cooperation were discussed in two languages: Ukrainian and English. While communicating they emphasized the main directions in further cooperation, in particular, performance of trainings by scientists from Karolinska Institutet for scientific pedagogical workers and young scientists of NMU, including on preparation of scientific grants, publications, bioethics, implementation of practice on reading lectures and performance of interactive master classes by employees of Karolinska Institutet for teachers of our university; development and fulfillment of joint scientific projects (due to example by department of surgery No 4); organization of short term probations for young teachers and scientists at Karolinska Institutet, as well as students’ academic exchanges.


Proposals for cooperation in scientific educational sphere.


1. Performing trainings by scientists from Karolinska Institutet for scientific pedagogical workers (in particular, trainings on epidemiology).

2. Performing master classes by scientists from Karolinska Institutet for employees of NMU.

3. Implementing the practice for reading lectures by scientists from Karolinska Institutet at NMU and scientists of NMU at Karolinska Institutet.

4. Writing textbooks on academic disciplines with participation of leading specialists from Karolinska Institutet (in particular, textbook “Public health” (social medicine and health care organization)” in Russian and English).

5. Organizing and performing clinical seminars and scientific practical conferences (in particular, participation of scientists from Karolinska Institutet in scientific conference, devoted to World Health Day, etc.)

6. Developing and implementing the new joint scientific projects (in particular, the new project on research of thyroid carcinoma is being prepared at department of surgery No 4).

7. Organizing the probations of doctors at divisions of Karolinska University hospital.

8. Establishing joint scientific practical editions or inclusion of leading specialists from Karolinska Institutet into editorial boards of scientific practical journals, which are published under editorship of specialists from NMU.

9. Preparing joint scientific works, in particular, monographs, journal articles, etc.

10. Organizing academic students’ exchanges and introductory trainings of students at university clinics of NMU and Karolinska Institutet.



Report by Professor Tommy Linne (Sweden)

Report by Andriy Dinets

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