Postgraduate education of doctors and pharmacists is carried out in the internship, Master’s degree program, and clinical residency and at courses of second specialization for doctors.

Training of specialists of higher qualification, candidates and doctors of medicine, at the university is carried out by means of post-graduate and doctoral candidacy or institution of recipients.


Internship is a compulsory form of postgraduate education of doctors and pharmacists as the primary specialization, which means raising the practical training’s level and providing occupational fitness for independent medical practice of specialists due to main medical and pharmaceutical specialties, determined by the corresponding orders of Ukraine.

Duration of training in internship is 1-3 years and is determined by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine depending on the specialty.

Internship is conducted through a combination of full-time study at the Departments of the NMU and training in the basic institutions and health protection or at clinical bases of the University’s departments.

Training in internship is carried out due to specialties: obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology and intensive therapy, dermatovenereology, general practice – family medicine, infectious diseases, sport medicine, medicine of urgent states, neurology, neurosurgery, clinical oncology, orthopedics and traumatology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, pathological anatomy, psychiatry, radiology, forensic medical examination, internal diseases, urology, pulmonology and phthisiology, surgery, children’s surgery, neonatology, pediatrics, general hygiene, epidemiology, stomatology, general pharmacy, medical psychology.

After training in internship the specialist obtains the qualification “doctor” or “pharmacist”, where the basic specialty is mentioned that allows him to get the adequate medical job in accordance with the list, approved by MHC of Ukraine.

Master’s degree program.

Training for master of medicine (pharmacy) is held at the same time with the training the specialists on certain medical (pharmaceutical) specialty in internship and is directed to deepen the special, scientific practical, pedagogical and research training with the same medical (pharmaceutical) specialty according to the list of medical (pharmaceutical) specialties, approved by the order from MHC of Ukraine.

Master’s degree program accepts the citizens of Ukraine, who have the doctor’s qualification, recommended by the Scientific Council of the higher school to research work and credited to the positions of medical interns in basic health institutions for training in the internship. Training in master’s degree program is carried out at the same department of higher school, at which intern passes through intramural part of study at internship.

Duration of training at the Master’s degree program is determined by the period of training in internship and depends on specialty. Duration of intramural part of study at internship at department of higher schools for doctors (pharmacists)-interns, who study at the same time in the Master’s degree program, is prolonged for 3 months by reducing the duration of probation at basic health care establishments. The admission to the Master’s degree program is held due to the contest on places and specialties, which are approved by the Ministry of health care of Ukraine. Each applicant to the Master’s degree program passes through the interview and takes the entrance exams on specialty and foreign language. The applicants are admitted to study since 10 until 15, October. After admission to the Master’s degree program during 1 month the Scientific Council approves the supervisor, individual working plan and the topic of the Master’s thesis to the doctor-master.
After finishing the Master’s degree program the doctors-masters and pharmacists-masters present the Master’s thesis, and after it they receive the diploma about awarding the doctor (pharmacist)-intern with qualification level “Master of medicine (pharmacy)”.

The doctors (pharmacists)-interns, who fulfilled the curricula and internship programs in full, defended the Master’s thesis, are entitled to take part in contest to the post-graduate studies at clinical departments of higher schools, not working during two years by specialty, necessary for entrance to the post-graduate studies after finishing internship. Those doctors-masters, who failed to enter the post-graduate studies, are employed according to the assignment to job after graduation from university.

Clinical Residency it is the highest form in training of medical specialists in particular specialty. Training is conducted at discontinued work due to the following specialties: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Therapy, Surgery, Neurosurgery, Urology, Oncology, Pediatric surgery, Pediatrics, children’s infectious diseases, infectious diseases, cardiology, rheumatology, endocrinology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Dermatovenereology , Traumatology and Orthopedics, Therapeutic dentistry, Surgical dentistry, Prosthetic dentistry, Pediatric therapeutic dentistry, Orthodontics, Radiology, Roentgenology, Physiotherapy and Sports medicine, forensic medicine, Phthisiology, Pathology, Clinical immunology, Anesthesiology and Intensive care.

The citizens of Ukraine, who have the qualification level of medical specialist and at least 3 years experience within the specialty after completing internship or specialization, medical specialty of which must meet the specialty of clinical residency, are admitted to training at clinical residency according to the competition’s results. The doctors without the required work experience, who have successfully completed the internship, and who have been recommended by the Scientific Council of the higher school for training in clinical residency, may also take part in contest.

Foreign citizens with the permission from Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine may also be admitted to clinical residency directly after graduation from high educational institution and receiving qualification of specialist “Doctor”.

The study in clinical residency begins since September 1.

The duration of study for the citizens of Ukraine is two years; the study for foreigners may be extended for one more 1-2 years. The documents every year are accepted since May 25 to June 25. Applicants are interviewed and take the exam on the appropriate specialty. Doctors, who have completed individual plan of training in clinical residency, receive a certificate according to the established form.

Postgraduate studies. Postgraduate studies are the form of training for scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel of higher qualification. Training at postgraduate school is carried out due to the specializations in: Obstetrics and Gynecology (14.01.01) Internal Diseases (14.01.02) Surgery (14.01.03) Neurosurgery (14.01.05) Urology (14.01.06) Oncology / Medical Sciences / (14.01.07) Children surgery (14.01.09) Pediatrics (14.01.10) Cardiology (14.01.11) Rheumatology (14.01.12) Infectious diseases (14.01.13) Endocrinology (14.01.14); Nervous Diseases (14.01.15); Psychiatry (14.01.16) Eye diseases (14.01.18) Otorhinolaryngology (14.01.19); Skin and venereal disease (14.01.20) Traumatology and Orthopedics (14.01.21) Dentistry (14.01.22) Radiation diagnosis and radiotherapy (14.01.23) Physiotherapy (14.01.26) Pulmonology (14.01.27) Clinical Pharmacology (14.01.28); Anesthesiology and Intensive care (14.01.30) Hygiene and Vocational Pathology /medical sciences/ (14.02.01) Epidemiology (14.02.02) Social Medicine (14.02.03); General anatomy (14.03.01) General physiology (14.03.02) Pathological anatomy (14.03.03), Pathological physiology (14.03.04) Pharmacology (14.03.05) Immunology and Allergology (14.03.08) Histology, Cytology, Embryology (14.03.09) Virology (03.00.06), Educational and developmental psychology (19.00.07), Medical Psychology (19.00.04), pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy (15.00.02), theory and methodology of training (13.00.02).

The individuals, who have higher education and Specialist’s or Master’s degree, are accepted to postgraduate study on competitive basis. In this case, clinical departments admit the persons who, at the time of entry, have at least 2 years of work experience after internship, medical profession of which meets the specialty, or who have the master’s degree of medicine. The persons, who are qualified specialists and completed internships in medical (pharmaceutical) profession that meets graduate school’s professional are taken to the following specialties as Pathological anatomy, Pathological physiology, Immunology and Allergology, Microbiology, Virology and scientific specialties of such branches as preventive medicine. The applicants pass through the entrance examinations on the specialty, philosophy and one of foreign languages. The exams take place since September 1 until September 30.

The study starts on December 1.

The duration of postgraduate study at discontinued work does not exceed three years, and part-time education lasts for four years. In this period a student must submit a thesis work for the defense to the specialized scientific council.

Postdoctoral training.

Postdoctoral training is the form of training for scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel of higher qualification. At NMU there is the postdoctoral training on 14 specializations:

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology (14.01.01); Internal Diseases (14.01.02); Surgery (14.01.03); Pediatrics (14.01.10); Cardiology (14.01.11); Skin and Venereal Diseases (14.01.20);
  • Dentistry (14.01.21); Rheumatology (14.01.12); Pediatric Surgery (14.01.09); Hygiene and Vocational Pathology (Medical Sciences) – 14.02.01; Social Medicine (14.02.03); General anatomy (Medical Sciences) – 14.03.01; Immunology and Allergology (14.03.08); Histology, Cytology, Embryology (14.03.08).

The final stage of scientific-pedagogical and scientific training for the personnel of higher qualification is their certification in specialized Scientific Councils for obtaining the degree of Candidate or Doctor of Medicine with particular specialty.

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